About Us

Hi there!  My name is Wendy Wing aka DivaMakeupQueen on YouTube. 
People may know me as a "Beauty Vlogger" on YouTube where I talk about beauty inside and out.  I use YouTube as a platform to inspire: YouTube.com/DivaMakeupQueen & YouTube.com/WingisFun
Or they may know me as a professional cellist living in New York City, using music to make connections and create meaningful relationships:
And they may also know me as the Founder and Artistic Director of a pretty cool music ensemble called Classical Jam where we create interactive concert experiences, advocate for the arts, and perform all over the country and the world: www.ClassicalJam.org
And now, you know me as the Founder of DMQ Cosmetics, a makeup line that is in alignment with my mission in life: to inspire, to connect and to uplift! 
I dreamed of the perfect palette that is travel friendly, customizable and inspirational.  And my dream came true!  I wouldn't be able to make this happen with you - my lovely subscribers!  This palette was created for you! I hope it inspires you to live your biggest dream, and to always feel beautiful inside and out!  Anything is possible - all you have to do is DREAM!
I am grateful that I am already living my dream.  What are your dreams? 
Please share with me what your big dreams are on instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube comment using the hashtag #DMQDreamBig. 
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For customer service, please contact us at DMQCosmetics@gmail.com